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Mr. Rajveer Singh

Rajveer Singh BA, B.ED (TET-2011) ASSISTANT TEACHER,JOINING DATE 06.11.2015,MODEL PRIMARY SCHOOL BAKAINA DIXIT BLOCK – BARKHERA, DISTT., PILIBHIT U.P. Category: Education Selected: “MOST SINCERE ACTIVE TEACHER Year: 2019 Nation’s Pride Book of Records(NPBR) congratulates Sh. Rajveer Singh for the title of “MOST SINCERE ACTIVE TEACHER” in Nation’s Pride Book of Records. NPBR welcomes you to register your name in our digital record book as an “MOST SINCERE ACTIVE …

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Meet Dr. Ramkumar Varma Dammalapati

Meet Dr. Ramkumar Varma Dammalapati Dr. Ramkumar Varma Dammalapati, a Telangana-based PGT English Teacher with a passion for exploring new places and playing cricket. He is a dedicated, self-motivated, and hardworking individual who thrives on tackling challenges. Dr. Dammalapati is adept at utilizing AV Aids (PPTs with LCD Projector) and is flexible enough to adapt to any environment. He enjoys …

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