Special edition 2023

Please note that each category has a separate application form, and you can only choose one category at a time.

Nominate yourself in NPBR Digital. We are currently accepting applications from individuals who have made a significant contribution to society by striving to improve the lives of others. Click on the link to fill the application! Or share your information with us. 

We are proud to announce that an exceptional individual, who has made significant contributions towards the betterment of our nation without bias, will be registered in the prestigious Nation’s Pride Book of Records. 

This is a great opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of those who have made a difference in our society. Whether you are an educationist who has made an impact on the lives of students, a healthcare professional who has provided exceptional care to patients, an entrepreneur who has created jobs and contributed to the economy, or a policy maker who has developed innovative solutions to societal issues, your contributions are invaluable.

Certificates will be sent to the winners on their registered emial. 

Fee 799 applicable till. To apply for original copy of Certificate fee: 299/- additional fee applies.

individuals who have made significant contributions to society by striving to better the lives of others. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! 

Application Fee: 799

Nari Shakti SAMMAN.
Women who have made significant contributions to society! 

Application Fee: ₹799

For Teachers

Application Fee: ₹799


Application Fee: ₹799

Environmental Award Category

Application Fee: ₹799


Application Fee: ₹799

Nominate Yourself or Someone Special for the Nation’s Pride Book of Records on Gandhi Jayanti! Leadify Business & Technologies Company is sponsoring this prestigious multi-category event, and we are currently accepting applications from individuals who have made significant contributions to society by striving to better the lives of others. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! 

By recording your name in the Nation’s Pride Book of Records, you can inspire others to follow in your footsteps and make a positive impact in their own communities. It is a way to celebrate your achievements and acknowledge the importance of your work.

So, don’t hesitate to join us in this historic event. Let us recognize and honor those who have worked tirelessly to make our nation a better place. Together, we can create a brighter future for generations to come.


Terms & Conditions:

  • This is online submission only.
  • If you find this form challenging to comprehend, please contact us via WhatsApp at 9555421414.
  • Winners will receive an NPBR E-Certicate in their respective category.
  • Click on the title as per your profile.
  • Submit your form & Pay your fee.
  • Fee is non-refundable after submission.
  • E-Certificate will be sent on your registered email only.
  • Print and frame your Certificate, then submit your HD photo holding it to us via email at info@nationspridebookofrecords.com or What’sApp on above given number. 
  • Winners will be announce on this page only. Kindly save the link for future purpose.

Instructions for Taking a High-Quality Picture:

To ensure the best results, please follow these instructions when taking a photo of your certificate:

1. Frame your certificate properly

2. Hold your NPBR certificate and take a photo

3. Send the photo to info@nationspridebookofrecords.com for publishing purposes in Nationspridebookofrecords.com

Announcing Upcoming Award Recipients

We are thrilled to share that the recipients of our special award in their respective fields have been selected. Please review the list of names, as we will be publishing their pictures alongside their award titles in this section shortly. Our upcoming award winners will be presented in the following categories. Congratulations to all of our deserving recipients!

In the category of Business and Entrepreneurship, we have selected an individual with an exceptional talent for innovation and leadership. Their groundbreaking work has led to significant contributions in their industry, and we believe that their dedication and hard work deserve recognition.

For the Arts and Entertainment category, we have chosen an individual who has made a significant impact in the world of music and has inspired audiences worldwide including using social media. Their unique sound and captivating performances have left an indelible mark on the industry, and we are honored to recognize their contributions.

In the field of Science and Technology, we have selected a researcher who has made groundbreaking discoveries in their field. Their tireless dedication to their work has led to significant advances in our understanding of the world and has the potential to shape the future of their industry.

Finally, in the category of Social Impact and Philanthropy, we have chosen an individual who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. Their philanthropic efforts have impacted the lives of countless individuals, and we are proud to recognize their dedication to social change.

We are excited to celebrate the accomplishments of our award recipients and look forward to sharing their stories with you. Stay tuned for more updates and information on our upcoming award ceremony!

  • Firoz Nawab – Seva Ratna Award 2023
  • Nitin Sharma – Shiksha Jyoti Award 2023
  • Irfana-Zargar – Nari Shkati Award 2023
  • Viji K Varghese – Seva Ratna Award 2023
  • Prakash Kumar Manhar ( Lecturer) Seva Ratna Award 2023
  • Ashima Daniel ( Nursing Officer) – Seva Ratna 2023
  • Gaini Naveen Kumar – Seva Ratna 2023
  • Rajendra Kumar Sahu – Seva Ratna 2023
  • Amol Shrikrushna Ahire – Shiksha Jyoti Award 2023
  • M.R.Jayapal – Seva Ratna Award 2023
  • Dheeraj Kachhawaha – Shiksha Jyoti Award 2023
  • Abrar Ahmad – Seva Ratna Award 2023
  • Abhishek Sharma: Shiksha Jyoti Award 2023
  • Anurag Sharma : Shiksha Jyoti Award 2023
  • Sudhir Acharya – Seva Ratna Award 2023
  • Ajay Sahota Seva Ratna Award 2023
  • Ajai Kumar – Shiksha Jyoti Award 2023

Nation's Pride Book of Records

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