SET A NEW RECORD – To become a record holder in NPBR requires determination, exceptional skill and commitment. To set a new records requires the passion of to-do something extraordinary. Note: Only entries with video evidence or live entries or media proof can apply for a NEW RECORD. Read our Guidelines, & Rules.

FOR NPBR AWARDS: NPBR Awards is a program which has been established to felicitate the Professionals, Leaders & Entrepreneurs who are performing a significant role in Making a Brand India.

Who can apply?

The NPBR Awards eligibility criteria depend on an individual’s profile and accomplishments. Organizations of all sizes and industries, including manufacturing, trading, service, or professionals, along with government agencies, public or private sectors, research organizations, NGOs, and service sectors, are eligible for the award. Personal categories are open to individuals from all sectors. The NPBR committee invites submissions from all corners of the globe.


Here is the list of submitting the following documents in order to approve your NPBR title. Please share your story and accomplishments along with any evidence to support your claims. This will allow us to consider featuring you in an article in NPBR. Choose the minimum two of the most suitable proof for your evidence in the record submission.

✓ Clause 1: A completed application form (Go to registration form).
✓ Clause 2: Submitting a Full Record Video for Your Application It’s crucial to submit a video of your entire attempt from start to finish. Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected.
✓ Clause 3: Guidelines for Attempting a NPBR Record If you’re aiming to break a Record, you need to have a designated witness such as a District Magistrate, Chancellor, School Principal, or Gazetted Officer. This individual will issue a letter confirming the attempt with their signature, and the document will be duly attested by a seal or certified by the jury.
✓ Clause 4: Minimum 2 National Level Media coverage or 2 National Newspaper must be submitted.
✓ Clause 5: Original Proof of your record attempt must be submitted.

Please share your story and accomplishments along with any evidence to support your claims. Required to submit a cover letter of your record attempt. 

Important Note Regarding Record Attempts Please be advised that any record attempts involving drug-related activities or harm to individuals or animals will not be recognized by NPBR. Please ensure that all documents are in English or translated into English. All documents should be submitted in PDF format via the online application portal. If you have any questions or concerns about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your application.

Cover Letter

Required to submit a cover letter of your record attempt. Record attemp must not include any drug related attempt or performing to harm any person or any animal. NPBR doesn’t consider such records. 

Your cover letter for a record attempt should be well-written and professional. Make sure to clearly state the type of record you are attempting to break and provide relevant details, such as the location and date of the attempt. It is important to note that any attempt involving drugs or harm to a person or animal will not be considered by the National Record Book of Records (NPBR). So, make sure to focus on a positive and safe record attempt. 

Your cover letter should also include information about your qualifications and experience, as well as why you are passionate about attempting to break this particular record. Remember to proofread your letter thoroughly and ensure that it is free of any errors or typos. Good luck with your record attempt!


Upon completion of the registration process, if you are nominated and chosen for an award, we will recognize you with:

⁍ An official certificate of achievement.

⁍ NPBR Medal

⁍ NPBR Appreciation Letter

⁍ Congratulations poster will be sent on your registered email.

⁍ NPBR Kit includes NPBR Medal, Letter, NPBR Certificate, NPBR Trophy, Winning Poster will be sent through speed post/ courier after the official announcement. (it may take upto 20 working days)

⁍ A public announcement on our website and social media platforms

⁍ NPBR Official Listing -NPBR Appreciation Letter

⁍ Congratulations wishing sticker.

⁍ We believe that your hard work and dedication deserve to be celebrated and we are honored to be able to recognize your achievements.

⁍ Congratulations on your nomination and we wish you the best of luck!

⁍ Now its the time to share your story and accomplishments along with any evidence to support your claims. This will allow us to consider featuring you in an article in NPBR.

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Guidelines for Applying for the Award:

⁍ In order to be considered for the award, it is mandatory for each applicant to complete the online application form.

⁍ Registration Fee is ₹. 4,999/- only.

⁍ Additionally, applicants are required to provide a detailed description of their achievements and contributions in their respective field or industry. This should include any notable projects or initiatives they have been involved in, as well as any relevant skills or experience they possess.

⁍ Fee submission must be done online through our portal.

⁍ To confirm registration, kindly forward your payment details to our Whatsapp number at +91 9555421414.

Fee Refund Policy: Please be informed that the fee is subject to a refund if your profile is not selected or shortlisted. However, once selected, the fee becomes non-refundable.

⁍ It is also important for applicants to provide any supporting documentation or references that can attest to their qualifications and suitability for the award.

⁍ NPBR reserves the right to cancel/reject your application if the information is found to be misleading. We are under no obligation to respond to your application.

⁍ Kindly be aware that we retain the right to utilize photographs and videos of the awardees for our internal purposes. Regrettably, we are unable to address any issues or concerns regarding this matter.

Disclaimer: Program, dates, or venues are subject to change or cancellation by the organizers due to reasons beyond their control, including natural calamities, without prior notice.

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