Km. Pushpa Vati

Nation’s Pride Book of Records(NPBR) congratulates Km. Pushpa Vati for the nomination in NPBR under the Title of “IDEAL TEACHER 2020”.

NPBR welcomes you to register your name in our digital record book as an “IDEAL TEACHER 2020”. We highly appreciate your hard work and your dedication towards spreading awareness in the field of Education in our society.

We are pleased to welcome you to the journey of 2020 Edition in the Nation’s Pride Book of Records in the title of “Ideal Teacher 2020”.

National Teacher’s Day 05/09/20

Nation’s Pride Book of Record is a record book of human achievements where we are dedicated to identify the real heroes of the society. We know that achieving your Nation’s Pride Book of Records Certificate is only a part of the journey. Therefore, we will honor you with NPBR Certificate.

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