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Nation’s pride book of records is a Digital Record Book for all the dignitaries who have performed a significant role in the field of Education, Medical, Social, & corporate to build a better Nation. NPBR is a national platform to bring all the heroes into the limelight and create a positive atmosphere.

Nation’s Pride Book of Records (NPBR) invites individuals/ Organizations/ people to record their name with us.

Application: Applying for a record/ certificate/ registration with us is absolutely open for everyone, from every state. Every single application is a unique application for us therefore; applicants sometime may have to wait higher than the waiting period. We deal with our applicants with the same higher standard to maintain their profile professionalism and integrity. That’s why we invite participants with the unique talent to apply for one of our existing record titles through Application Form.

Inspiration: We intend to inspire people with self esteem without having gender discrimination, other than individuals, we also help to highlight the company, school, groups and organisation. People from different forums are mostly inspired by their idols, and sometimes by breaking their own records or achieving their goals.



Apply for the membership

We are open for membership to all the businesses and the business/corporate/ enterprises leaders from different sectors to be a part of NPBR. Corporate Membership Corporate Members enjoy many tangible benefits in addition to increased visibility, access opportunities and ongoing communication.

As a Corporate Member, your organisation demonstrates a commitment to the profession and excellence within it. This enhances your corporate profile with clients and other stakeholders. Click here to check our membership plan.

NPBR JURIES 2019-2020

Nation’s Pride Book of Records is a digital records book of human/ organisation/ companies/ corporate/ Institutional’s achievements.

Individuals/ Organisations/ Institutions or any other applicant who wants to apply for the NPBR Records must be  

To apply for NPBR records please visit our registration tab.

A successful applicant will be felicitate with NPBR Appreciation Certificate, and Medal.

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