SET A NEW RECORD – To become a record holder in NPBR requires determination, exceptional skill and commitment. To set a new records requires the passion of to-do something extraordinary. Note: Only entries with video evidence or live entries or media proof can apply for a NEW RECORD(Read our rules & regulations). Follow our GUIDELINES, RULES & REGULATIONS.

To apply for NPBR, we have set certain rules which has to be followed as per our guidelines. HAVE A LOOK TO SET A NEW RECORD IN NPBR.

Filling an online Nation’s Pride Book of Records application form. Guide to your application form. Submit Supporting Evidence/ Documents (Guide to your evidence). It is important for us to know you better, please submit all the details correct

    We strongly advise to think twice about your new record. We may reject your record your record application, if we think that it does not meet our policies. There are steps to follow to make a new record.


Once your record title is approved, you are required to print a banner before attempting and video recording your record. The reply whether your title is approved or rejected will be sent to your registered email within 8-12 weeks. If you require to make it on the urgent basis, you may choose our URGENT PAID services.

1. Prepare yourself for the new record and practice for the final attempt and fill the online application form of NPBR records. Submit your cover letter.

2. Wait for the title approval.

3. Submit your video evidence along with acknowledgement of acceptance, you will receive record specific guidelines which you need to follow during attempting the record. On the support new record require to invite the adjudicator. Video recording is a compulsory evidence need to be submitted by all entries.

4. Submit photographic evidence of the attempt.

4. Attempt the record in accordance to the guidelines. A video recording is an essential evidence to submit your record. Click here to see guidelines on video recording evidence.

5. Send all the evidences to NPBR at 

7. If you record is approved, You are eligible to order your Certificate/ NPBR Kit.


NPBR does not promote or accept attempt or world records that can potentially lead to any kind of destruction or harm to property, health, morality or general well being of an Individuals/ Group/ Organisation.

Approval or disapproval of any attempt and certification will be wholly and solely the decision of the NPBR team.

We accept online claim of a new record attempt. The claimant is required to send all the necessary details to the NPBR team.

Record approval and certification process may take upto 1-12 weeks as per our priority based schedule.

All the documents should duly signed by the witness

At least 2 witnesses should be present at the time of record attempting.

Witness information should be sent along with all evidence proof.

NPBR team member need not to be present at the time of attempting a record. However, the authenticity of the record should be properly taken care of by having either an Class 1 Rank officer or witnesses or NPBR Adjudicator.


Frequently Asked Questions

Policy update from 30th October 2021.

Expert will always there to help you, when you try to do something unique out of the crowd that makes you feel proud. All records are a symbol of your efforts. This is why we enter your record title in the Nations Pride Book of Records (NPBR). NPBR is open for all to set a new record. 

No, It is compulsory to make a video recording after getting the title approval from NPBR. You must mention your reference number in the beginning of the video. See our guidelines on video evidence

Yes, It is recommended that you make a video recording you all the collection which you have collected. Please refer to our guidelines on video evidence

Please ensure that you take variety of photographs during your attempt. Must include all the equipment’s which you are going to use in the attempt.

No, Nation’s Pride Book of Records does not provide any equipment’s or any funds for a new record. Every time you set a new record, it gives you the exposure and it brings you in the limelight.

All the records without evidences will be sent in the rejection department.

Please submit a cover letter with clearly mention about your record title and description. The cover letter helps us to know you better and provide us the information about your record attempt. This is a clear overview of your record attempt which inform us of that “HOW, WHEN, WHY, WHERE, FOR” you are going to perform an attempt of your record. 

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