Social Worker

Mr. Radhey Shyam Kharia

Mr. Radhey Shyam Kharia (Social Activist) has successfully recorded your name in our record book in the category of “MOST SINCERE SOCIAL ACTIVISTS” on Dec 2020.

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Sh. Radhey Shyam Gomla

Shri Radhey Shyam Gomla Ex Sarpanch 2005-2020, Village Gomla Haryana, India Shri Radhey Shyam Gomla Ex Sarpanch 2005-2010 from Village Gomla, Haryana has been honoured as a Social Activist 2020 in Nation’s Pride Book of Records. Updated on 17th August 2020.  Nation’s Pride Book of Records Felicitation on 20th August 2020. – Delhi

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Dr. Varsha Ghawalkar

Dr. Varsha Ghawalkar Homeopathic Physician and Counselor Karnataka, India Dr. Varsha Ghawalkar is a Homoeopathic Doctor. She has done Bachelor’s Degree in Homoeopathic Medical science (BHMS). Dr. Varsha Ghawalkar – My Social work began simultaneously with my practice, when many patients consulting me had struggled previously for proper treatment, even spending lavish money couldn’t find a remedial treatment. So this inspired me …

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Mr. Avinash Singh Rathore

MR. AVINASH SINGH RATHORE (P.E.S.)SOCIAL ACTIVIST (CHATTISGARH) Mr. Avinash Singh Rathore is a young social activist. HIS MESSAGE TO THE SOCIETYStory will be published soon. -January 2020, NPBR

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Mr. Sharad Gopidas Bagdi

Mr. Sharad Gopidas Bagdi  Portfolio Consultant | Writer | Social Consultant Mr. Bagdi, is a social activist and working to bring changes in the society since 1970, He is also a member of Rotary Club including many other social organizations. He is working for woman empowerment, and also bring change to Indian educational system and bringing more educational awareness for …

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Mr. Srinivasan Iyer

Artist : Srinivasan IyerFrom: Jamnagar-Gujarat Shri Srinivasan M Iyer is an acclaimed abstract artist from Jamnagar, Gujarat. He hascompleted his graduation in fine arts from Mysore, by profession, an offshore engineer at leading petrochemical company in India. He is also an Ex-Serviceman from Indian Navy. A man with an abstract heart, well known for executing his ideas on canvas very …

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